How to style hair like johnny depp

Johnny Depp inspired hair styling techniques for men's hair
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Understanding the Basics of Hair Styling

Before diving into the methods of styling, it’s crucial to grasp the fundamentals. Hair texture and quality play vital roles in achieving a particular style. For instance, if you are aiming for Johnny Depp’s long wavy hair, understanding that wavy hairs have a unique set of needs is essential. Moisturizing products and defrizzing agents will give you the healthy sheen and control required for those longer layers.

On the flip side, if you possess straight hair but wish to emulate Depp’s tousled waves, you’ll need to focus on products and styling tools that add volume and create a messy texture without damaging your hair. Different products work best with distinct hair types; someone with fine hair will not benefit from heavy products that could weigh down their style.

When considering Depp’s bearded styles, remember that facial hair also requires attention. Achieving the perfectly groomed beard or the right degree of stubble to accentuate your hairstyle involves a mix of trimming, shaping, and possibly coloring, depending on your natural beard hue.

Essential Styling Tools and Products

Here is a list of essential styling tools and products:

  1. A high-quality hairdryer with a diffuser attachment for those with wavy or curly hair.
  2. A flat iron or curling wand can help in adding waves to straight hair or defining them in wavy hair.

Both are fundamental in replicating Depp’s versatile hair looks. Johnny_depp sports a range of styles that often benefit from the use of sea salt sprays, volumizing mousses, and flexible-hold hair sprays.

Step-by-step guide to achieving Johnny Depp's signature hair look

Step-by-Step Guide to Johnny Depp’s Signature Looks

The Classic Jack Sparrow Braids

Preparing the Hair

It’s essential to start with clean, dry hair. Apply a sea salt spray to amplify the natural texture and use a hairdryer with a diffuser if you have natural waves.

Creating the Braids

Once the hair is textured, you can begin braiding. Part the hair where desired and start braiding small sections, adding accessories like beads and trinkets as you go along to mimic Sparrow’s eclectic look.

Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow would not be complete without his characteristic braids. Below is a table to help guide you through the process:

1.Wash and dry hair, ensuring it’s free from oils and dirt.
2.Apply texture-enhancing products evenly throughout the hair.
3.Dry using a diffuser if you have natural waves to enhance the messy texture.
4.Start braiding small sections of hair, incorporating beads or other accessories.
5.Secure the braids and apply a light hairspray to hold the style if needed.

The Sleek Cry-Baby Pompadour

Achieving the Perfect Pompadour

Towel-dry your hair and apply a volumizing mousse. Then, using a round brush, blow-dry your hair up and back to create volume. Once dry, use a pomade to slick back the sides while keeping the volume on the top. Comb the hair back and shape the pompadour, making any necessary touch-ups to ensure it’s crisp and pronounced.

The Grungy Look of Sweeney Todd

Texturizing for a Messy Finish

Begin by applying a texturizing paste or clay to damp hair. Use your fingers to scrunch and mold the hair, creating volume and a matted effect. Once dry, you might even add a little more product for increased definition and hold. This style exudes an unkempt vibe, ideal for those aiming for a darker, more alternative aesthetic.

Get the celebrity hair look: Johnny Depp's hairstyling tips

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Your Depp-Inspired Hairstyle

To ensure your Depp-inspired hair remains as captivating as the actor’s, certain daily routines can help maintain the integrity and flair of the style. Acting on a daily maintenance routine such as using sulfate-free shampoos or conditioners appropriate for your hair type can preserve the color and texture. Could also consider periodic trims to keep the desired length and prevent split ends from causing frizz and disorder in your style.

Long-term hair care advice for channeling Johnny Depp includes deep conditioning treatments to keep your locks lustrous and healthy. It’s noteworthy that Depp changes his look often, transitioning between different beards and hairstyles; hence, maintaining the overall condition of your hair allows for more flexibility to experiment with various intriguing looks.

Remember, the key to emulating Johnny Depp’s inimitable styles lies in understanding your hair’s nature and treating it with the bespoke care it demands. Whether you’re channeling a captain, a teenage rebel, or a demon barber, a little effort, the right products, and attention to detail will have you looking the part.


Emulating Johnny Depp’s hair is not just about the visual transformation; it’s a creative journey towards reflecting your distinctive style and character. The key lies in combining his inspiring hairstyles with a touch of your own personality. While Johnny Depp’s hair has varied drastically over the years, the cool confidence with which he carries every look is the true essence that fans appreciate and strive to emulate. With the right attitude, tools, and a bit of practice, you can channel your inner Johnny Depp and rock a hairdo that’s sure to turn heads.

Remember to respect your hair’s natural texture, use quality products, and consider your lifestyle and maintenance preferences when choosing how to style your hair. Whether adopting the ruggedness of Jack Sparrow’s braids, the sleekness of the Cry-Baby pompadour, or the edgy texture of Sweeney Todd’s tousled mane, your individual twist on these iconic looks is what will set you apart.

 Mastering the art of styling hair like Johnny Depp with expert advice


Q1: Can I achieve Johnny Depp’s hairstyles if I have very straight hair?

A1: Absolutely! With the right tools and products, such as a good quality curling iron and texturizing sprays, even the straightest hair can be transformed to match Depp’s wavy or messier styles.

Q2: How often should I trim my hair to maintain a Johnny Depp-inspired hairstyle?

A2: The frequency of trims will depend on the specific style you’re going for and how fast your hair grows. However, every 4-6 weeks is a general rule to keep your cut fresh and styled appropriately.

Q3: What are some go-to products for styling wavy and textured hairstyles like Johnny Depp’s?

A3: Texturizing pastes or clays, sea salt sprays, and lightweight mousse or volumizing products are excellent for adding the desired body and texture to your hair.

Q4: I’m interested in growing a beard like Johnny Depp. Any tips for starting out and maintaining it?

A4: Start by letting your facial hair grow out to see its natural pattern and thickness. Invest in a good beard oil and wash to maintain healthy growth. Trimming and shaping it to complement your hairstyle will require some tools and patience, or the expertise of a professional barber.

Q5: How do I know which Johnny Depp hairstyle will suit me best?

A5: Consider your face shape, hair type, and personal style. You might want to start with a more subtle adaptation of one of his looks and adjust to taste. Consulting with a stylist can also provide guidance tailored to your unique features.